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An otoacoustic emission is a sound which is generated from within the inner ear.

Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Oto Acoustic Emission

Octoacoustic emissions (OAE) are defined as very low level and inaudible sounds generated by the outer hair cell of cochlea in the inner ear. When the hair cells of the inner ear are stimulated, they respond by transmitting information to the brain and also by transmitting an “echo” back to the outer ear. OAE test is used to analyze and record this “echo”.As a general practice, patients with good or normal functioning cochlea show the presence of OAE’s whereas OAE’s are absent in patients with mild conductive or cochlear hearing loss.

It is mainly used as a Screening tool for hearing loss in infants, newborns, very young children.

Clinical Procedure

  1. The test is done in a sound proof room.
  1. Patient is made to sit and relax in a reclining chair or lie down in a bed.
  1. A soft probe tip (similar to a sound plug) is placed snugly in the ear canal.
  1. A series of clicks or tones are delivered through the probe tip.
  1. In return, the same probe also reads the very soft “echo” or cochlea’s response.
  1. The recordings are then printed and analyzed by our Audiologist.
Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Oto Acoustic Emission
Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Oto Acoustic Emission

Patient Prior Preparation

  1. No major preparation is required.
  2. It is important for the patient/Child to sit very still and to remain relaxed and quiet during testing.

Average Testing Time

For an effective OAE testing session it fetches around 10-15mins for completion. Clinical reports will be provided immediately after test.

Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Oto Acoustic Emission
Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Oto Acoustic Emission

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