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Hearing implants provide quick improvements in comparison to hearing aids and this is very well observed in crucial area of speech recognition. Often hearing loss leads to isolation, loneliness and mental trauma therefore rather than abandoning hearing you might just connect with the word of sound with an implant. Talk to Denoc Audiologists and Hearing Care Specialists about your individual situation and ask your questions to us. At Denoc we provide pre-treatment and post-treatment services for hearing implants that includes implant assessment, implant selection, implant surgery, cochlear mapping, custom speech therapy for implant users, processor upgrade of implants, spares and accessories supply and repair.

Implant assessment

As an implant candidate at Denoc, you or your child will undergo a number of tests to make sure the implant is the right solution. The steps in implant assessment are as below.

Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Implants

• Audiology tests such as hearing levels with and without hearing aids, speech understanding, and auditory nerve function.
• Medical tests and MRI scans to determine general health, evaluate the cause of the hearing loss and assess the hearing anatomy.
• Psychological tests to confirm your ability to cope with implant surgery and participate in follow-up sessions at Denoc.
• Speech and language testing, as a benchmark for ongoing assessment of speech and language development.

Implant selection:-

Denoc Audiologists will provide comprehensive guidance on different types of implants and help choose the right product for you or your kid. Denoc is a registered partner of Cochlear, an Australian company specialized in hearing implants. Visit our implants product page to know more about different types of implants and its features.

Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Implants

Designed for smart and active lifestyles, the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Kanso® 2 Sound Processor combines latest connectivity features and proven hearing performance technology with a simple and durable all-in-one superior design, giving the user the freedom to hear wherever life takes you. The Kanso Sound Processor, the Kanso 2 Sound Processor come along with a rechargeable battery and improved dust and water resistance to suit individual needs.

Implant Surgery for kids & adults

The implant surgery is done in our partner hospital based in Chennai. The implant procedure usually takes between 1 and 3 hours. Thousands of implant surgeries are performed each year. The risks involved are small, and our surgeon will discuss them with you. The major steps involved in an implant surgery are as listed below.

  • A surgical cut is made behind your ear.
  • An implant electrode is inserted into the cochlea.
  • A receiver is placed under the skin behind your ear.
  • After completion of surgery you’ll be moved to the observation room.
  • You will be discharged after observation

Cochlear Mapping

Within a few weeks of surgery, our audiologist will be able to activate the cochlear implant. We will program the device to suit your unique hearing needs, fine tuning the settings over a few follow-up sessions. We allow you to choose appointments in a most convenient way that suits your timing. Mapping refers to programming of the speech processor of the cochlear implant. First mapping session is called “switch-on”. Our audiologist will program the implant and this will be over different session at regular intervals so that the you can hear very soft sounds and also loud sounds at a comfortable level. Stimulation levels of the implant electrode array are adjusted in the mapping process so that you can hear wide range of sounds in a comfortable manner.
Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Implants
Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Implants

Regular mapping is required as maps become weak or less clear as tissues grow around the implant electrode. This will result in sound becoming less clear or not being heard as loud enough. Our audiologist will work along with you in the post treatment process ensuring regular sessions to adjust mapping as required. 

If you are a cochlear implant user and looking for mapping services our audiologist in Chennai can guide you through the process.

Speech Therapy

Rehabilitation is important for getting the best hearing and speech outcomes from a new cochlear implant and sound processor. At Denoc, we provide custom tailored speech therapy session to our implant users. Regardless of the type of implant or technology used, it’s well documented that successful results depend on the user and our audiologist, speech and language therapist, and healthcare team working together. It is essential for users to dedicate time into ongoing habilitation this helps to reap the best benefit from an implant.

It is highly recommendable for children to have received their new implants to enroll in regular speech therapy sessions with our best speech therapist in Chennai in order to understand listening, speech and actionable steps for better hearing. We suggest a direct one to one session for speech therapy, if possible based on Audiologist recommendation we can also conduct progressive online speech therapy sessions. Talk to us and we can suggest the best possible options.

Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Implants

Processor Upgrade

Existing cochlear implant user can have their sound processors upgraded to a latest version. Denoc facilitates processor upgrades for implant users all across India. You can consult with our expert Audiologists to know more about relevant sound processors and what might suit you the most.

Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Implants

Spares & Accessories

We serve our customers with a wide range of cochlear implant spares and accessories. Various implant spares and accessories available at Denoc are as listed below. Spares are not limited to listed products, you may reach out to us for specific requirements on spares and accessories.

Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Implants

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Hearing Aid Centre Chennai Implants

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